Bodacious Dream Update (7.11.12)

Just a quick note. Been traveling from Newport.. left on the afternoon of July 4th headed towards Quebec City for the Transat Quebec—St. Malo. The first couple of days were spent sailing/motoring towards Halifax, Nova Scotia where we put in for fuel.

Halifax treated us quite nicely and we spent the evening getting some rest and left late morning in order to time our arrival into a strange port and lock system about dawn the follow morning. After getting some fuel and breakfast, we waited until the winds died down from 25 knots to something more civilized like 10 knots in the afternoon, and then we locked thru and out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. We had a beautiful night and day of sailing Northwest towards the Gaspe Peninsula where we ran into heavy winds on the nose again, so we’ve pulled into Riviera du Renard.

Here’s a shot of the boat alongside “Red” in Riviera du Renard.

Bodacious Dream & Red at Riviera du Renard
We’re going to catch our breath here and wait for the winds to settle down and leave about dawn tomorrow for the last 330 miles to Quebec City. We’re supposed to be there by Saturday afternoon, but likely at this point it won’t be until Sunday. That’s a disappointment, as many of our other friends have told us of beautiful sails in under six days!! We’re pushing past seven at this point!!

Though it’s slow going, the land is beautiful, the people are friendly and the work list is still long….. but that’s sailing my friends! We have connected up with “Red,” a German Class 40 and our sister ship, Roaring Forty is somewhere near by as we crossed with them near Halifax.

We’re all excited to get going again and get to Quebec City and the race village. Once we arrive there, I’ll fill you in with more particulars and ways to watch and follow the race. As of now, there look to be 21 Class 40 boats in the race. This will be great fun!!



Bodacious Dream Update (7.05.12)

BIG NEWS!  Bodacious Dream is now entered in the Transat Quebec—St. Malo race which starts on July 22nd!!

After much thought and consideration, we decided to enter the race. Not only will this be good fun, but it will give us the opportunity to make the trans-Atlantic crossing in order to get to France for our other races later this summer.

Check out the race web site at..

The race requires a crew minimum of 3 and we are going as a team of 4. Along with Matt Scharl, who you met during the Atlantic Cup Race, we will be adding Emma Creighton, , a fellow competitor and skipper of Initiatives in the Atlantic Cup and Mark Zaranski, a long time friend and crewmember of Matt’s.

We will be a great and fun team. And, at this point, the only American entry. I’ve heard from so many of you about how much fun it was to watch the racing in the Atlantic Cup, so I hope we will be able to provide you the same fun this time.

My good friend, Kevin Finnegan has just arrived here in Newport to help me transport Bodacious Dream around Nova Scotia, Canada and then back west up the St. Lawrence Seaway to Quebec City for the Start. We are rushing to try to leave the harbor here on July 4th figuring the trip will take us about 8 days—hopefully not too much motoring. We hear this is a wonderful and beautiful passage, and are looking forward to it. I’ll send more pics from the trip later!!

MORE EXCITING NEWS: The announcement of our sponsors.

William Blair, a Chicago based Global Investment and Asset Management Company will bring a great presence to our program.

Earthwatch Institute, an international environmental group that links support to scientist and educators in the environmental field. We will be providing them with raw data and observation while at sea that will be used by scientist and teachers to help with ocean health and awareness.

So… Bodacious Dream is sporting a new look today as we head out to sea.

Bodacious Dream

Hoping those of you in the USA had a great July 4th holiday and everyone is having a great summer…..or winter – if you’re in the southern hemisphere. I’ll send a more detailed update on the whole race in a week or so.
- Dave