The Global Circumnavigation

With all the racing that Dave’s done a lot of racing over the years, his life-long dream has always been to SAIL AROUND THE WORLD!

And now the time has finally come to do just that – a SOLO CIRCUMNAVIGATION – just Dave and Bodacious Dream!

Bodacious Dream & Dave RearickThe voyage commences on October 1, 2013 starting from and returning to Newport, Rhode Island (about 30,000 miles and 9 months around.)

There have only been about 200 people who have circumnavigated the globe over time … but this time around, we’re Internet-ready – so that Dave can capture videos and photos and tell stories, and we can share them all with you, right from the water!

There has always been a “learning” component to Dave’s gameplan … as he has been largely self-schooled (and benefited from mentoring) all the way through life.

The circumnavigation will be just that, an adventure in learning and discover. We’ll even be partnering with organizations like Earthwatch Institute to conduct research too.

We sincerely hope you will take a look at what we’re up to and considering following along with Dave and his most Bodacious Dream yet!

Here are the main links for the Circumnavigation.

:: Circumnavigation Overview

:: Circumnavigation Itinerary

:: A Google Earth Narrated Tour 

:: Dave’s Rap on “Shared” Learning and on Bodacious Dream Expeditions 

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