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Bodacious Dream - Our LogoBodacious Dream is a state-of-the art third generation Class 40 racing sailboat that was built and launched in Wellington, New Zealand in December of 2011. Presently skippered by American Dave Rearick, she has since the spring of 2012 successfully competed in several American and International Races Рincluding a first place finish  in the 2013 Atlantic Cup Race. Read about all our past races HERE!

Bodacious Dream Expeditions

:: THE GLOBAL CIRCUMNAVIGATION! What was just completed on June 14, 2014 was a long-dreamed of adventure of the sort that very few people have ever attempted; a single-handed sailing circumnavigation of the globe that Dave and Bodacious Dream began on October 2, 2013, when Dave departed from Newport, Rhode Island, on a voyage of adventure as well as one of learning and discovery.


Here’s how it went…

circum_leg1_rec1) On December 3, 2013, Dave completed Leg 1, landing safely in Cape Town, South Africa, after completing the 8,000 miles voyage, and a stop-over in Bermuda. While in Cape Town, Dave visited and filed updates on excursions to visit African Penguins and the Cape of Good Hope. While in Cape Town, Earthwatch published a news story on Dave and the Expedition.

circum_leg2_rec2) On December 21, 2013, Dave departed Cape Town on Leg 2 bound for Wellington, New Zealand. On February 8, 2014, after enduring weeks of stormy seas, Dave safely landed in Wellington, New Zealand Рa journey of over 7,000 miles. While in Wellington (where Bodacious Dream was built in 2011) Dave undertook a special excursion to visit Fox Glacier. 

circum_leg3_rec3) On¬†March 26, 2014,¬†Dave departed¬†Wellington, NZ on¬†Leg 3¬†which¬†took him east to a waypoint in the Southern Pacific near 46¬įS Latitude and 147¬įW Longitude where he gybed Bodacious Dream north towards the Galapagos Islands.¬† On¬†May 1, 2014, Dave safely landed in the Galapagos Islands … one of Earth’s great nature preserves.

circum_leg4_rec4) On May 7, 2014, Dave departed the Galapagos Islands on Leg 4, bound for the Panama Canal. On May 17th, Dave and Bodacious Dream traversed the canal over the course of 12 hours. From there, he proceeded into the Western Caribbean Sea on a course that took him between Cuba and the Yucatan of Mexico before slipping into the Gulf Stream on his way to a stopover in West Plan Beach, FL where he landed on May 30, 2014. He departed West Palm Beach on June 7, 2014 sailing up the eastern seaboard of the U.S. on route back to Newport, RI, and arrived safely in Jamestown Harbor mid-day on June 14, 2014 - thus completing the 256-day complete circumnavigation of the globe!

:: FOLLOWING OUR ADVENTURE!¬†The entire voyage was accompanied by regular updates, published on our¬†Expedition Blog¬†… all of which¬†were also posted to¬†Facebook¬†and¬†Twitter. Many of Dave’s videos were uploaded to¬†our¬†BDX YouTube Channel¬†and also included in our updates… and people could SIGN UP as well for our Email Newsletter!

capt_dave_ac_215:: LEARNING AND DISCOVERY!¬†Our goal all along the way was to share Dave’s experiences¬†in as direct and accessible a way as possible. We encouraged people to jump with us deeper into the wonders and beauty of the natural world that Dave traversed by investigating and sharing with the younger people in their world our Explorer ‚ÄúStudy‚ÄĚ Guides! (Check out one… “Our Watery World” to get a feel for them.)

We also encouraged folks to check out our “Citizen Science” resources page. Included there you will see listed our up-to-date series of eleven “Science Notes¬†written for us by our Earthwatch ocean scientist colleague,¬†Tegan Mortimer,¬†who brilliantly picked up on what Dave encountered on the water and wrapped it up for us in beautiful scientific perspectives.¬†Let the learning begin!

:: WE’RE STILL HERE!¬†As always, should you want to, you can¬†drop us a line from our¬†‚ÄúContact Us‚ÄĚ page – ask questions, make comments, say hi ‚Äď we‚Äôll get back to you as soon as we can. And thank you as always for your¬†interest and support.

- Dave Rearick & The Bodacious Dream Expeditionary Force