BoDream holds “slim” lead after 1st day’s “inshore” races!

Atlantic Cup Start Leg 3Well, that was ONE wild and exciting day on the water, full of great and very close racing! The first day of the Atlantic Cup‘s “inshore” leg played out against dark skies, white caps and strong winds. There were three races today that produced many lead changes and a mad mix of finish placements. Mistakes were frequent from everyone … so just when you thought you’d lost the race, someone else would make a mistake … and bam! – you were right back in it!

Through it all, our crew was unstoppable – even though at times it was more like hand-to-hand combat than sailing! But they never gave in, and every time we did things right, Bo just kicked up her heels and danced! Huge smiles all around … though everyone’s pretty whooped and sore at the moment. But it’s an exhilarating feeling too … being that focused and in sync with each other. Thanks to all the guys (Jay C., Jay H., Christer, Skip & Ryan) for giving it their all. We’ll be back and fighting again tomorrow!

So, here’s the RECAP! At the end of the day today, #118 Bodacious Dream was ONE “squeaky” point ahead of #121 Lecoq Cuisine and nine points ahead of #116 Icarus third place.

After finishing 3rd and 6th respectively in the first two races today, we kept BoDream holding steady through the third race, outlasting and finally passing Lecoq Cuisine and GryphonSolo2 to win the last contest which put us back in the overall lead.

Atlantic Cup Start Leg 3

The final two (and deciding) races, right back here in Narragansett Bay, RI … are set for tomorrow Sunday, starting at 11 am EDT. (See below for links to tracker, etc.)

Atlantic Cup Leaderboard • So, here are today’s “inshore” results:

:: FIRST Class40 race: 1st-Lecoq Cuisine 2nd-Icarus 3rd-Bodacious Dream 4th- GryphonSolo2 5th-Pleiad 6th-Dragon 7th-40 Degrees

:: SECOND Class40 race: 1st-Icarus 2nd-Dragon 3rd-Lecoq Cuisine 4th- GryphonSolo2 5th-40 Degrees 6th-Bodacious Dream 7th-Pleiad

:: THIRD Class40 race: 1st-Bodacious Dream 2nd-Icarus 3rd-Lecoq Cuisine 4th- GryphonSolo2 5th-Pleiad 6th-40 Degrees 7th-Dragon

(Replays of all three of Saturday’s Races can be found here!)

• And here are the go-to links for tomorrow’s final day of racing:

:: Overall Atlantic Cup Race Standings:

:: LiVE Atlantic Cup Race Tracker:

:: LiVE Atlantic Cup Audio Commentary:

Watching the live race tracker and listening to the live audio commentary is definitely the way 2 go!

:: Bodacious Dream Facebook Page:

And that’s it for now … rest is calling! Onward to the final two races!

Good luck to all the competitors! … And thanks to all of you!

– Dave & the Bodacious Dream Team

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