Bodacious Dream Update (6.20.12)

Well, my good friend Bodacious Dream is “on the hard” for some attention to maintenance and a thorough inspection before we head across the Atlantic. Periodic maintenance is always important… preparation a must… I’m just too lazy to want to fix things underway so I try to fix or maintain them on shore!!

Bodacious DreamSo this week, I came back out to Newport on Saturday morning and moved the boat up to the friendly folks at Hinckley’s Yard up the bay. Sunday I spent, taking apart all the necessary lines and gear so we could unstep (remove) the mast first thing on Monday morning….

And now its time for me to work on things… lots to do in preparation for the trip. I’ll send more here soon… thought you’d enjoy a pic or two of the process.

I understand the weather is hot back home on the Great Lakes and the winds been howling….a nice lead up to the Solo Mackinac Race that goes off this weekend. That’s a fun race to watch if you’re up for it. The race is 333 miles long from Chicago to Mackinac Island. Here’s the link to it… That race and the Lake Michigan Singlehanded Society are where I cut my teeth as a solo sailor.

More soon,

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