Québec to St-Malo – BD Update – Day 8

Our attempt to sail a bit low and fast to take advantage of what was forecast for the winds so we might swing around to the SW, has been abandoned. The newest forecast has the winds staying out of the NW. Opportunities to make up ground from here will be minimal in this straight to the barn jib reaching.

I don’t know if the tracker shows it, but the last 24 hours of as sailing has been fast and awesome, sustained rides over 20 knots have been commonplace.

Now after being out here for our 9th day, the learning curve for crew and boat has been steep, and we wish we had had a mentor willing to go through the various systems to refine them and make them offshore worthy. From stacking systems to long spoons for the freeze-dried food, from sail changes to water removal, everything will be looked at from a new perspective.

The results of the Atlantic cup had our expectations high. The reality is that we’re 5K runners moving up to marathon distance. We’ve learned tons and are getting Bo Dream prepared for its ultimate goal of Dave’s circumnavigation.

I would love some strawberry rhubarb pie right now. Dave wants scallop shrimp ceviche, Mark wants Chinese food and a whole chicken and Emma wants a guava off Drew’s mom’s tree.

- Matt

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