Québec to St-Malo – BD Update – Day 6

A note from Matt, delayed from Saturday..

Good morning,

The sky and the water is gray with cloud cover and a light rain every so often, good wind and Bo Dream is pointing east.

We hit something like a log or palette last night. All I know is, it was hard.  We hit it, drug it for about 10 seconds and it slipped off the back only hitting the keel and not the rudders. Doesn’t seem to have done anything bad – just a sudden bolt to wake you up.

The only life out here are birds. One is called a Storm Petral and not sure of the other. They fly around behind the boat, though haven’t seen any of them catch anything or stop to land. Seems like a tough way to make a living.

Would like to get back the decision to gybe north yesterday morning, as it doesn’t seem to have helped us at this point. I would guess many of you were wondering why we would do that, as you can see the wind has slowly shifted from 330 degrees to 180. Being on the inside of a header is great, but the extra distance to get there doesn’t appear to be worth it.  Again I need to continue to remind myself that this is a long race, and there will be multiple systems to deal with – not just a shift and your dealing with the Manitu Islands.

Well, we’re going strong now and Bo seems to really like jib reaching. so it’s time for her to make up for my mistakes.

- Matt

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