BoDream News – 8.08.12

Good Morning!!

Today’s weather in St. Malo is much improved over the past few days. The sun is out and bright and the temperatures are warm. ¬†It has been more like northern Michigan since we arrived, which has made our work of drying out the boat a bit difficult.

It’s been a few days of recovering with great French food, lots of treats to choose from, good conversation and laughter with friends and working on the boat to flush out the salt water and dry the gear. The crew has all headed for home now, and I have some time to finish up the boat and develop a work list of items to prepare and fix for the upcoming Normandy Channel Race here in a few weeks. More on that later.

St. Malo is a beautiful little town….walled in for security some centuries ago, it was bombed and nearly demolished during World War II, but has been rebuilt with the same flavor of its original design. Coblestone streets, old buildings, neat shops and cafes along with street vendors, artisians and entertainers. Easy on your mind and comfortable on your soul, after a long passage.

Here’s a picture of all the boats lined up along the wall with the city in the backdrop, the last having finished just yesterday. ¬†¬†We think 118 is the nicest looking one there, but we understand our bias.
BD in St Malo

I’ve got to head over to do some laundry, take care of a few things and hopefully find a quiet spot to write up some more stories from the race to share with you all. ¬†Give me a day or so and I’ll have some more updates. ¬†Until then….enjoy the dream.

– Dave

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