BD Atlantic Crossing / No Time for A Visit – Day 4

That was one quick stop in Madeira.

Initially, l was planning on stopping there and refueling, and then spending the night before taking off again. But wind being the precious commodity that it is, that plan was scrapped because of the need to head south and west under the surrounding high pressure system, so that I might sooner meet up with the trade winds, which I’m hoping will carry me most of the way across the Atlantic. So it was this morning – a quick refueling, a quick shower and a quick stop at the grocery store … (no, not for more chocolate) … and then, it was off again.

Bodacious Dream and I are taking this course to the southwest and will “error” a little farther west later tonight in an attempt to get 200 miles under our belt in this 24-hour period. That won’t be all that easy, but the winds have been “fresh” since we left, and that is helping. However, the forecasts are for the winds to fall off again tonight, at which point, I might have to go back to the using the engine.

Our Route AlternativesHere’s one on the navigation maps I’m using, with a few different course options marked out 

With something like 3200 miles to reach the Eastern seaboard, there’s still plenty of open ocean to sail the 2000-mile qualifying requirement for the Global Ocean Race. If by chance, we can’t do that this time around, there will be other occasions to do that run.

This year, the weather has been particularly unpredictable. Typically, it wouldn’t require much of a plan to simply sail south to Madeira and then west to the Caribbean and up to Charleston. This year however is more of a struggle, even though I am told last year was an even harder struggle.

Anyway, by Thursday afternoon, I hope we will begin to see the fruits of our labor, and the welcoming surge of the trade winds. Just where they will drop us off, is still up in the air. I’m hoping I’ve been enough of a good boy this year that Santa will allow me to have them all the way across. If not, well, maybe a late Christmas or New Year’s in the Caribbean won’t be bad consolation!

So far, it’s been easy to get out some news each day. That may grow a bit more difficult as we start sailing faster into the trades. So stay tuned, and I (with the help of our shore crew) will do our best to keep you updated and entertained.

- Dave & Bodacious Dream

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